On this page you'll find some links to free health and harm reduction resources we've collected that centre the experiences of the communities we work with. The only resource written by us is the Decolonization 101 zine; all others are copyright their original creators.

decolonization 101

Molly Swain & Lindsay Nixon, Indigenous Women & 2 Spirit Harm Reduction Coalition (now known as BIHRA)

Hollow Water

A short film which documents how a small Ojibway community in Manitoba has begun to heal from the legacy of widespread sexual abuse by organizing community accountability processes. Directed by Bonnie Dickie.

An Introduction to the Health of Two-Spirit People

National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health

Supporting Mothers in Ways That Work

The HIV Mothering Study Team & The Ontario Women’s HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI)

Demand Prison Change

written by prisoners in Quebec & compiled by The Termite Collective

Pros & Cons

Guide to Creating Successful Community-Based HIV & HCV Programs for Prisoners - PASAN

Defiant Hearts: Birth & the Prison Industrial Complex

zine by Adeline Lionheart (printable copy)

Interviewing Inuit Elders: Perspectives on Traditional Health

Ilisapi Ootoova, Tipuula Qaapik Atagutsiak, Tirisi Ijjangiaq, Jaikku Pitseolak, Aalasi Joamie, Akisu Joamie, & Malaija Papatsie

Building Accountable Communities

a wonderful series of short videos featuring conversations between Kiyomi Fujikawa, Shannon Perez-Darby, and Mariame Kaba on harm and accountability